Shopping for a New Purse: Boost your wardrobe with a stylish leopard print handbag in proportion to your body.

A new purse is a great way to add a little seasonal change to your wardrobe before the weather is ready for a major shift. You can try out a trend without losing your own sense of style.

There are plenty of choices no matter what your budget, but handbags, like most accessories, are a good place to spend at the high end for the best quality you can afford. Unlike one fancy new dress, your stylish handbag will give you lots of use, and quality makes a big difference in a purse.

Leopard print bags are popular now. The style may seem limiting, but you will be surprised at how flexible this print really is. There are lots of variations on some pretty basic wardrobe colors (black, gray, tan, brown). If, like me, you're a jeans and black top kind of girl, your leopard bag will give you a big shot of wow on an otherwise basic outfit.

Oversized, slouchy bags are finally out. Who can find their keys in those things anyway? Try on a bag and look in the mirror as you would an article of clothing. Just because it's in style doesn't mean it's going to look good on you. You want a bag that's in proportion to your frame, and something that feels good against your body.

Try a new handbag and see if it can kick-start a shift in your wardrobe. A little change can make a big difference in your spirit. Plus, don't you need an excuse to do a little shopping?

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