Thursday Thoughts: Beauty Finds & Giveaway

I thought it was time for a few Thursday Thoughts on my recent beauty finds. And I am throwing a great giveaway! If you were to dig through my closets, drawers and bathroom organization you might be surprised by just how many beauty products I have. Now I do a pretty good job at getting rid of the products I don’t like but I am so gullible for the latest and greatest in the beauty aisle.

Since I change it up on shampoo, conditioner, makeup and hair products all the time I have found a few new things that I am loving. Bumble and Bumble has been my go to for years but it’s so darn expensive. Over the holidays I found a great deal on their thickening spray and straight styling crème (it’s still available!) This is my holy grail of hair products, since my hair is a bit longer again it tends to be full of static and flat if I don’t style it properly. This duo does it for me.

A few more hair finds: a new blow dryer and hairties. My dryer finally bit the dust. It literally started smoking in the bathroom one morning… that smell was so horrible. Upon recommendations of my stylist she suggested the John Fried Full Volume dryer. This one dries my hair faster, isn’t as loud and comes with way more attachments than my old cheap one. And the hair ties? Cyndi Bands. Love these things. They don’t pull my hair and don’t get all stretched out in just a few uses. The pretty colors don’t hurt either. (These were a sample and I was provided some to giveaway too)

A recent makeup find- Tarte. I hadn’t used any of their products before but I got a sample of the Lipsurgence Skintuitive Liptint. And I love it. It’s moisturizing, has a great scent and changes shades to give you the perfect shade of light pink to match your liptint. I will be buying a full size one.

And the lotion find for my I live in Minnesota and have seriously dry skin? Amlactin. This was given out an event and they sent more to do a giveaway. A few bottles to stash around the house, one for my gym bag, one for Scott’s bathroom and one for me right after the shower. When you put this lotion on right after the shower you skin stays soft all day. My legs look way less scaly! –20 temperatures really don’t help you keep any moisture in. (I was scent bottles of Amlactin to try and to give away)

The fun for you? I have 2 packages to give away. Each winner will get three Cyndi Band’s, 4 travel sized bottles of Amlactin, a few coupons for $3 off Amlactin and I will throw in a great surprise beauty product or two. I will pick a winner on Thursday the 30th. Just tell me your recent beauty find.

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