Women: Avoiding Health Problems in Your 40s

Turning 40 is fun and comes with it infinite wisdom and a new zest for living for oneself. The only problem is entering into middle-age, which is more than we bargain for. We assume that because our minds are still 25, our bodies will follow right along and keep up.

There are some issues we have to address when we hit that milestone age and doing so will ensure that we keep our bods in shape and in perfect condition, just like a tip-top muscle car.


This is the toughest problem to tackle of all issues when turning the big four-oh. You notice your periods aren't what they used to be, your breasts ache more than usual, and you are tired; tired all of the time.

Brittle bones

Calcium-deficiency is no joke. Osteoporosis is something all women "of age" need to keep in mind. If you're small-boned such myself, it's even more important to take a calcium supplement.


Vaginal dryness becomes an issue the older one gets. Sexuality and sex is a large part of most of our lives, so investing in a lubricant is something to consider.


Hitting middle-age brings on many things and wrinkles are one of them. There are great creams and lotions on the market to slow down the aging clock.

Heart attack

No one likes to envision it, but it does happen. A healthy diet and regular exercise are important as well as regular doctor visits.

Vision care

Let's face it…our eyes aren't as young as they used to be. Regular appointments with an optometrist are paramount for healthy vision, especially when most of us stare at a computer screen all day.

Dry skin and hair

The loss of estrogen during our older years increases our chances of being dry all over. Invest in good lotions and hair treatments to maintain youthful skin and hair.


We are all aware that cancer can strike at any age, yet the older we get, the more worrisome it can be. Again, regular appointments with your doctor are beneficial as well as paying attention to your body.

Exercise and upkeep

Keep an exercise routine and do not deviate from it. Physical activity is great for the heart but also the mind, body, and spirit. Looking hot over forty years of age is a great health and self-esteem booster.


Sleep is so very important the older we get, especially if one is going through pre-menopause. Treat your body by going to bed earlier so that it has time to repair itself.

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